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TTC Siam Drinking Water Co., Ltd focuses on developing Thailand's drinking water and creating the image of Siam Drinking Water as a high-quality drinking water, which is our main priority with a good service to give the best satisfaction for the consumer every time they drink Siam Drinking Water.

Currently, the company has improved the image of Siam Drinking Water to be more modern and aims to get closer through the consumer together with the communication under slogan ''Siam drinking water purified…give more than you think''. It communicates to the consumer that drinking water not only drinks to thirst or cool down the body, but also provides benefits such as relaxing and helping the body system to work normally. With our commitment, Siam Drinking Water has grown significantly from the past until nowadays. We are trusted by both domestic and foreign consumers and we will continue to aim for quality and potential in the production of drinking water and natural mineral water.

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