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The word ''Siam'' refers to drinking water for all Thais or drinking water of The Kingdom of Siam, the old name  of Thailand. The Siam Drinking Water means that the dringking water takes Siam as the symbol The three waves lines referes to water, flow and wave. The symbols originate from raw water, which is our important source in producing ''Siam Drinking Water''. The symbols can be interpreted to the tides, in which the meaning is business growth. The colors are divided into 3 tones: blue, light blue and dark blue. The blue color is a cold tone, best describes for the water along with the light blue advert to fresh and honesty and the dark blue color refers to proficiency and intelligent. These colors are appropriate for describing to the water and the stability of a business. Therefore, the light and dark blue colors are not only describing to the water, but also creates the reliability through the brand including expertise and specialized in producing quality drinking water.

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