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Siam Drinking Water has undergone the 4 steps of the high-quality filling process with close control. Every step of producing is controlled by the plant’s technical experts to gain confident, clarity and clean.


Siam Drinking Water undergoes the 3 Layers filtration system (sand, carbon, safety 5 microns) to filter contaminants such as sediment, turbidity, color, odor, chlorine, iron limestone, etc. and adjust the water from the hard water into soft water.

2. RO (Reverse Osmosis)

Siam Drinking Water is Filtered through a membrane size of 0.0001 microns (1/800,000 of a human hair). The chemicals such as heavy metals, lead, arsenic, mercury, bacteria, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, carcinogens and pathogens that have a large size cannot pass and will be removed from the system immediately to prevent residue accumulation.

3. UV (Ultra Violet)

Cleaning and sterilized to prevent remaining bacteria before the packing process by using ultraviolet light. the water is passed through a UV lamp to destroy bacteria.


In the final step, Siam Drinking Water has been sterilized with the highest effective ozone gas until the end of the filling process and the cap sealing process. The ozone gas is left in the bottle will transform into oxygen with the benefits and taste of drinking water 


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